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create table T (date_begin date, date_end date); INSERT INTO T VALUES(TO_DATE('01/01/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY'), TO_DATE('03/01/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY')); INSERT INTO T VALUES(TO_DATE('03/01/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY'), TO_DATE('05/01/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY')); INSERT INTO T VALUES(TO_DATE('05/01/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY'), TO_DATE('07/01/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY')); WITH cte(D) AS ( SELECT MIN(date_begin) D FROM T UNION ALL SELECT (cte.D + INTERVAL '1' DAY ) D FROM cte WHERE D < (SELECT MAX(date_end) FROM T) ) SELECT * FROM cte;
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