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create table produto( id_prod int not null primary key auto_increment, nome varchar (100) not null, preco decimal (10,2) not null, categoria varchar(40) not null, estoque int not null, dt_criacao date ); insert into produto (nome, preco, categoria,estoque, dt_criacao) values ('HD Ssd 480gb',309.50,'ssd',10, null), ('HD Ssd 240gb',188.00,'ssd',15, null), ('HD Ssd 100gb',135.00,'ssd',20,'2021-04-26'), ('Pen Drive 32GB',24.90,'pendrive',50,'2021-04-27'), ('Pen Drive 128GB',109.53,'pendrive',50,'2021-04-27'), ('Mouse Gamer 12.000 DPI ',159.99,'mouse',7,'2021-04-28'), ('Mouse Gamer Pro M7 Rgb ',51.24 ,'mouse',9,'2021-04-28'), ('Teclado Semi Mecânico Gamer Profissional USB Abnt2 Iluminado Led Rgb',41.90 ,'teclado',12,'2021-04-29'), ('Teclado Gamer Cyclosa + Mouse Gamer Abyssus 1.800 DPI',123.67 ,'teclado',4,'2021-04-29'), ('Fone De Ouvido Headset Gamer P2 Para Ps4 Xbox One Notebook Macbook Com Microfone',79.29 ,'fone',25,'2021-04-29'); select * from produto;
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