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create table AE_Info AS (SELECT sales_div_nbr, sales_grp_nbr, sales_org_nbr, sales_rgn_nbr, sales_area_nbr, sales_dist_nbr, sales_terr_nbr, b.emp_nbr AS AE_Nbr, mgr_emp_nbr AS DSM_Nbr, c.first_nm || ' ' || c.last_nm AS AE, c.job_title_nm AS AE_Title, c.email_id AS AE_Email FROM UI_ISH_PROD_DB.EMPLOYEE_ASSIGNMENT b ,UI_ISH_PROD_DB.employee c WHERE sales_div_nbr = '40' and b.emp_nbr NOT IN ('OPEN','No Accts') and current_date between EFF_DT and EXP_DT and EXP_DT >= CURDATE() and b.emp_nbr = c.emp_nbr ) ;
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