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create table tbl_ya ( YABook_Id int identity(1,1) NOT NULL primary key, YoungAdult_Title varchar(150) NOT NULL, YoungAdult_Author varchar(150), Published_Date date, Book_Ratings decimal(12,4), ); create table tbl_fiction ( FictionBook_Id int identity(1,1) NOT NULL primary key, Fiction_Title varchar(150) NOT NULL, Fiction_Author varchar(150), Number_Purchase int, Book_Price decimal(12,4), ); create table tbl_anthology ( AnthologyBook_Id int identity(1,1) NOT NULL primary key, Anthology_Title varchar(150), Anthology_Author varchar(150), Book_Pages int, Publishing_House varchar(150), Book_Stocks int, ); INSERT INTO tbl_ya (YoungAdult_Title, YoungAdult_Author, Published_Date, Book_Ratings) VALUES('Thirteen Reasons Why', 'Jay Asher', '2007-10-18', '4.7'), ('The Fault in Our Star', 'John Green', '2012-01-10', '4.2'), ('Youve Reached Sam', 'Dustin Thao', '2021-11-09', '4.1'), ('All the Bright Places', 'Jennifer Niven', '2015-01-06', '4.1'), ('One of Us is Lying', 'Karen M. McManus', '2017-05-29', '4.0'), ('They Both Die in the End', 'Silvera', '2017-09-05', '4.0'), ('Everything Everything', 'Nicola Yoon', '2015-09-01', '4.0'), ('Red Queen', 'Victoria Aveyard', '2015-02-10', '4.0'), ('We Were Liars', 'E. Lockhart', '2014-05-13', '3.8'), ('Paper Town', 'John Green', '2008-10-16', '3.8'); SELECT * FROM tbl_ya; INSERT INTO tbl_fiction (Fiction_Title, Fiction_Author, Number_Purchase, Book_Price) VALUES('Where the Crawdads Sing', 'Delia Owens', '256356', '240.50'), ('It Ends with Us', 'Colleen Hoover', '234871', '199.64'), ('The Song of Achilles', 'Madeline Miller', '198497', '259.20'), ('The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo', 'Taylor Jenkins Reid', '198296', '357.75'), ('All the Light We Cannot See', 'Anthony Doerr', '197999', '456.10'), ('Circe', 'Madeline Miller', '197789', '249.50'), ('The Kite Runner', 'Khaled Hosseini', '197063', '364.65'), ('People We Meet on Vacation', 'Emily Henry', '196876', '468.25'), ('The Midnight Library', 'Matt Haig', '160534', '189.50'), ('Normal People', 'Sailey Rooney', '149398', '256.75'); SELECT * FROM tbl_fiction; INSERT INTO tbl_anthology (Anthology_Title, Anthology_Author, Book_Pages, Publishing_House, Book_Stocks) VALUES('The Things They Carried', 'Tim OBrien', '233', 'Riverhead Books', '598897'), ('The Tales of Beedle and Bard', 'J.K. Rowling', '157', 'Bloomsburry Publishing PLC', '567643'), ('All Out', 'Mackenzi Lee', '368', 'Harlequin Teen', '498574'), ('Everything Eventual', 'Stephen King', '464', 'Scribner', '406085'), ('Five Tuesday in Winter', 'Lily Kings', '240', 'Groove/ Atlanta Inc', '345989'), ('Fragile Things', 'Neil Gailman', '400', 'William Morow', '289043'), ('Her Body and Other Parties', 'Carmen Maria Mac', '264', 'Graywolf Press', '250000'), ('Dangerous Women', 'George Martin', '784', 'Tor Books', '234647'), ('My True Love Gave To Me', 'Stephanie Perkins', '3127', 'St. Martin Press', '200097'), ('Zombie Vs Unicorn', 'Holly Black', '415', 'Margaret K. McElderly Book', '154674'); SELECT * FROM tbl_Anthology; INSERT INTO tbl_fiction (Fiction_Title,Fiction_Author) SELECT YoungAdult_Title,YoungAdult_Author FROM tbl_ya; SELECT Fiction_Title,Fiction_Author FROM tbl_fiction;
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