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create table x(z int); insert into x values(0); insert into x values(1); insert into x values(2); insert into x values(3); insert into x values(4); insert into x values(5); insert into x values(6); insert into x values(7); insert into x values(8); insert into x values(9); select ((((d.z*10+o.z)*10+n.z)*10+a.z)*10+l.z)*10+d.z as donald, ((((g.z*10+e.z)*10+r.z)*10+a.z)*10+l.z)*10+d.z as gerald, ((((r.z*10+o.z)*10+b.z)*10+e.z)*10+r.z)*10+t.z as robert from x as d join ( x as o join ( x as n join ( x as a join ( x as l join ( x as g join ( x as e join ( x as r join ( x as b join x as t on b.z<>t.z) on r.z<>b.z and r.z<>t.z) on e.z<>r.z and e.z<>b.z and e.z<>t.z) on g.z<>e.z and g.z<>r.z and g.z<>b.z and g.z<>t.z) on l.z<>g.z and l.z<>e.z and l.z<>r.z and l.z<>b.z and l.z<>t.z) on a.z<>l.z and a.z<>g.z and a.z<>e.z and a.z<>r.z and a.z<>b.z and a.z<>t.z) on n.z<>a.z and n.z<>l.z and n.z<>g.z and n.z<>e.z and n.z<>r.z and n.z<>b.z and n.z<>t.z) on o.z<>n.z and o.z<>a.z and o.z<>l.z and o.z<>g.z and o.z<>e.z and o.z<>r.z and o.z<>b.z and o.z<>t.z) on d.z<>o.z and d.z<>n.z and d.z<>a.z and d.z<>l.z and d.z<>g.z and d.z<>e.z and d.z<>r.z and d.z<>b.z and d.z<>t.z where d.z = 5 and ((((d.z*10+o.z)*10+n.z)*10+a.z)*10+l.z)*10+d.z + ((((g.z*10+e.z)*10+r.z)*10+a.z)*10+l.z)*10+d.z = ((((r.z*10+o.z)*10+b.z)*10+e.z)*10+r.z)*10+t.z;
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