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How to aggregate data in JSON format

Tags: PostgreSQL SQL Server 2017 MySQL 5.x MySQL 8.x


Table: clients
id name
1Client One
2Client Two
3Client Three
Table: client_phonenumbers
id client_id phone_type number
11home+1 (012) 34567
21work+1 (012) 53219
32home+1 (012) 26974

Question: What can be used to receive JSON aggregated data from two tables?


Tags: PostgreSQL

The way to acheive desired result in PostgreSQL - using ROW_TO_JSON for jenerate JSON object from whole row data and JSON_AGG for aggregate rows to JSON array

  Use this link for 
    PostgreSQL fiddle code test

Tags: MySQL 5.x MySQL 8.x

In MySQL we canuse JSON_OBJECT for jenerate JSON object from named fields data and JSON_ARRAYAGG for aggregate rows to JSON array

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    MySQL fiddle code test


Tags: SQL Server 2017

Modern SQL Server versions provide "magic" FOR JSON AUTO that generate JSON output without any data manipulation

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    MS SQL 2017 fiddle code test

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